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Machine & Equipment

CNC EDM Grinding Wire Cut CNC Molding

Design, Prototyping & Engineering

Zingzone pays a great attention to the technology of CAD/CAM and applies the fist-class software to the mould of process for analysis, design and manufacture. We have well experienced engineers and technician to provide professional product design, prototyping, mould design, mould-making and molding.


Project Management

Zingzone project management is the core of the whole project operation. The process of mould design, mould manufacture, QC and plastic injection, etc, are all subject to project manager. The project managers are mainly responsible for the analysis and solutionof the essential problems and keeps control of key project.Project engineers assist project manager with daily work, such as communication with clients and engineers about the mould design, checking the orders, the delivery of the latest news and photos of the process to the clients, and the test of the mould before trial.

About us
We have excellent project engineers to follow up your project carefully with the strictly quality control system. Zingzone offer complete overhauls of its moulds to maximize.
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